January Holidays 2020 – January 2020 Calendar with Festival Dates & Events

January Holidays 2020: The first of the year comes with lots of responsibilities, work, & other activities. The 1st day is well known as New Year’s Day and most people make a resolution. Holidays play a crucial role in our lives. In order to ensure that an individual’s productivity is retained, it is essential to incorporate holidays in his or her schedule. That was probably the reason why we used to have vacations scheduled on our school calendar. January Holidays 2020 with Calendars are shared below so check and start working according to it.

Remember those days when we used to look up to the calendar right at the beginning of the session and get excited about the summer or Christmas vacations. Those were something that used to hold back us for performing well throughout the year! You can also check Blank January Calendar 2020 Printable Template for free to manage the schedule.

January Holidays 2020

January Holidays
January 2020 Holidays Calendar
Printable January 2020 Calendar Holidays
Printable January 2020 Calendar Holidays

There are some holidays in this month which we are sharing here with calendars. Holidays and vacations play a significant role in refreshing our minds so that we can get back to work with refilled enthusiasm and energy.  It interrupts with the monotony of our hectic schedule and gives us a new zeal to perform!

Depending on whether you are a school going child or a working individual, you would be deciding about ways to spend your holiday. Well, irrespective of the age group you belong to, it is important that you have a vacation or holiday in the midst of your regular life. There are times when you get annoyed at every single thing around you, now you might be wondering why this happens? Definitely, mood swings could be a cause to it.

4 JanSaturdayWorld Braille Day
7 JanTuesdayInternational Programmers’ Day
19 JanSundayWorld Religion Day
26 JanSundayInternational Customs Day
26 JanSundayWorld Leprosy Day

January 2020 Calendar with Festival Dates, Events & Observances

1 JanWednesdayNew Year’s DayFederal Holiday
6 JanMondayEpiphanyChristian
7 JanTuesdayOrthodox Christmas DayOrthodox
13 JanMondayStephen Foster Memorial DayObservance
14 JanTuesdayOrthodox New YearOrthodox
17 JanFridayLee-Jackson DayState holidayVirginia
19 JanSundayRobert E. Lee’s BirthdayState holidayFlorida
19 JanSundayConfederate Heroes’ DayState holidayTexas
20 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr. DayFederal Holiday
20 JanMondayRobert E. Lee’s BirthdayState holidayAlabama, Mississippi
20 JanMondayIdaho Human Rights DayState holidayIdaho
20 JanMondayCivil Rights DayState holidayArizona, New Hampshire
25 JanSaturdayChinese New YearObservance
29 JanWednesdayKansas DayObservance

Different people have their own preferences, while some prefer to spend time with friends and family, there are people who would rather go for solo trekking or look for some me-time! Apart from that, it could be somewhat like your regular monotonous life has annoyed you so much so that you get irritated at each and everything around you!

january calendar 2020 holidays nz
january calendar 2020 holidays nz
Printable Calendar 2020 Calendar With Holidays Usa
Printable Calendar 2020 Calendar With Holidays Usa
january 2020 holidays philippines
january 2020 holidays philippines
january 2020 calendar with holidays nz
january 2020 calendar with holidays nz

January 2020 Calendar with Holidays - India

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