Employee Attendance Sheet Calendar Tracker Template in PDF, Excel Free Download

Employee Attendance SheetMaintain attendance is a common practice for maintaining a healthy and attentive work atmosphere. A well-maintained and proper attendance sheet help a business to cultivate time systematically for business growth. It is the main reason why every workplace should record the staff members’ attendance and employees of all levels.

All the daily attendance sheet pdf are designed after lots of research and with the help of professionals so that each detail and fields are useful and perfect for the employers. Check these employee attendance tracker templates given here and make your work easy.

Also, you can make changes in it after downloading it. Details of the employee like name, address, date of joining, position, date of birth, phone number, official email id, etc. are kept alongside the attendance sheet.

Importance The Use Of Employee Attendance Sheet Template

Employee Attendance Sheet Template
Employee Attendance Sheet Template

A calendar is not a page that has dates and days printed on it. The same is true for the employee attendance sheet template. It is a mirror of you and your community. It provides details to track all the important events and deadlines. In short, it is essential for a perfect persona and professional life balance.

For instance, excel spreadsheet templates for tracking can help you organized your work premises and its activity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Regardless of who you are and what you do, you can choose one of the templates and take advantage of it. The most effective way to mark the attendance is free employee attendance sheet templates.

You can recode it on the hard copy after taking a print of this format. But if you have more heads to manage, I suggest you go for the online system or soft copy of the sheet to record all the activity. Total days and dates on the top with name and other information like employee number, shift time, etc. help to find accurate data.

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Employee Attendance Calendar Template

Employee attendance calendar templates are provided here in different formats. Most of the small and big organizations and businesses use attendance sheets to maintain regular records of all the employees. If you also want an attendance sheet to keep a log of your employees, you can see all available formats here.

These templates can be used for recording any attendance, be it employees’ attendance or student attendance or record meeting & event attendance. After downloading the sheet, you can edit it and convert it in any form or format. It means these sheets are entirely flexible to use. Also, you guys can check Weekly Planner Template to manage the schedule efficiently.

The attendance template helps the people of the HR department and head of the department to find the presence of each person and measure each’s performance. Maintaining all the records and find the absence or presence of a person, you have to spend your much time if you have not developed the proper system. But with employee attendance templates, your work becomes easy like never before.

Employee Attendance Calendar Template

Attendance Calendar Templates

When designing your attendance calendar, you can use a template-based format for ease. It will be more convenient for you and your team to keep track of your employees in a comfortable and organized way. Look at different attendance calendar templates and choose the one as per your schedule structure.

  1. Weekly Attendance Calendar Template

This template is majorly used for the worker of the company. In most of the case, ground-level workers work on an hourly basis and look for their pay at the end of the week. This type of attendance template notes down daily working hours or shift time along with their work. At the end of the week, the HR department quickly calculates its wages and pays without wasting their valuable time.

Weekly Attendance Calendar Template

  1. Monthly Attendance Calendar Template

This template is meant for level 1-2 employees of the company. Some features of these templates are worth it to use. Like attendance of each day with entry time and exit time. One sheet for each employee for all the departments is required. It means it needed as many sheets as the number of employees in the company.

Monthly Attendance Calendar Template

  1. Yearly Attendance Calendar Template

The annual attendance calendar template is useful in recording employee’s attendance at work. Rather than recording attendance as per working hours, it records the attendance day wise. Dates are printed horizontally, and months are written vertically. This sheet also meant for one person only. It has other details like name, employee number, date of joining, date of birth, address, position, etc. For further reference, special notes could be written.

Yearly Attendance Calendar Template

Employee Attendance Tracker Template

Employee Attendance Tracker Template helps to record attendance of your workers and staff members efficiently. It includes features like one sheet for one employee, full-year progress in a single sheet, an additional notes section, etc. Both unexcused and excused leave with reason is recorded in the sheet. It gives a scope for the employer to see and analyze the trend of the employee. Tracker Templates are available online; you can download it, edit it, and use it all the time.

When a person is present, that respective block meant to be marked, and at the end of the month, the head can count the total attended day. There is also space for special note section, in case if required for special remarks. In this way, you will get a clear picture of individual employees and his/her trends. Also, in forming a bond between employee and employer and for the growth of the company, it requires to fix working days or hours in a week. By using tracker calendar templates, the HR department can easily monitor and prepare a comprehensive document for the respective employee.

Employee Attendance Tracker Template

Tips For Effective Attendance Calendar Creation-

In building an attendance calendar, you have to design it expertly to make your operational task easy. Here are the tips you can consider to make it different from the standard document.

  1. Choose a comfortable calendar type:

Before any other planning, you have to choose a format in which you are comfortable and can handle well. It suits your attendance plan. Additional to this, it must be flexible to use as a soft copy or hard copy or both.

  1. Provide accurate labels to your attendance:

In the attendance sheet, you must not add such tags that mislead your concept or format. Note that the attendance sheet for school is entirely different from the attendance sheet of any company or other. So add relevant details according to your use.

  1. Choose the right combination of design and style:

All the employment attendance calendars, the designed follow the color and theme of the company logo and profile. It is not the rule by the way; you can also opt for a minimalist white surface. Go for the color scheme and design that reflects your organization at its best.

Weekly Attendance sheet 2021
Weekly Attendance sheet 2021
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Daily Staff Attendance Record Template in Excel
Free Employee Attendance Sheet Templates
Free Employee Attendance Sheet Templates
Employee Attendance Sheet 2021
Employee Attendance Sheet 2021
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It is all about the employee attendance sheet, calendar template & tracker and its use with some designing tips. Irrespective of your field, an attendance calendar is a great way to monitor your employee’s activity. It a first step towards the beginning, so do not wait, download or create a sheet that suits your attendance style with proper labels.

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